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Welcome to the Seaboard Foods Customer Care System. This system contains two sections that will help you track your orders and also trace certain products to source farms in the Seaboard Foods system.

In Order Status, you can look at your most recent fresh pork orders and the status of each-from shipping to invoicing dates.

Product Trace is a unique featured offered by Seaboard Foods. As an integrated food system, Seaboard Foods can trace products back to source farms, and we have now made it easy for you to trace our products via the Internet. Seaboard Foods boxed commodity fresh pork products and Natural PrairieFresh® Premium Pork products are traceable through the Product Trace system.

To trace a product, go to the Product Trace tab. From there you'll be asked to enter a unique serial number located on the box label. Once entering a valid serial number, you'll see the production date and time as well as the source farms that supplied hogs for products processed during that shift.

If you have questions or recommendations for ways to improve our Customer Care System, please let us know. Thank you for your business.

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